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Five scenic cycling routes in Florida

| March 26, 2015

When you think of Florida it might be difficult to imagine anything other than Disneyland, golfing and theme parks; but there’s so much more to this state than man-made attractions.   With both paved and off-road cycling paths all over the state, coupled with year-round warm weather, Florida is a touring treasure, so consider exploring […]

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True or false: 10 unknown facts about Disney World Florida

| December 18, 2014

Everyone has a soft spot for the House of Mouse, and from a young age many of us dream of visiting Disney World Florida itself. But where we may think we’ve heard everything there is about this magical land, you may be surprised that it’s harbouring a few secrets you simply need to know. Here […]

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Miami nightlife guide

| December 8, 2014

  Miami is famous for two things – its beaches and its hot, Latin-inspired, neon-infused nightlife. A trip here wouldn’t be complete without a night or two on the town, experiencing the city’s high-energy nightclubs, glamorous lounges and popular local bars. However, it takes some insider know-how to get the best of Miami’s nightlife. This […]

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