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Best places in Australia to find temp jobs

| April 16, 2015

If you’re heading to Australia on a working holiday visa, the chances are you’re going to have to wing it when it comes to locking down a job when you land. Although the prospect of arriving in a new country with nothing lined up may be daunting, a bit of know-how and some get up […]

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10 facts you may not know about NZ

| March 20, 2015

If you’re one of the millions considering visiting New Zealand following its sudden surge of popularity, then you’ve probably done a lot of research. But aside from stunning surroundings, death defying extreme sports and just sheer amazement all around, just how much do you know about New Zealand? Here are 10 facts you may not […]

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How to best prepare for a trip into the Outback

| March 6, 2015

Know your route Getting through the outback is usually a fairly easy task in terms of navigation, even for the most useless of map readers. There will often be one road in and one road out but no phone reception, so familiarise yourself with your route and destinations beforehand, particularly if relying on your smartphone […]

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