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  • Gal Etzion

    I have a problam and need your help .
    My name is Etzion Gal MR
    I had a ticket to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi – from Manchester , on the 13 Feb. 2017 flight no. EY22 to Abu Dhabi
    and flight no. EY 7605 from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. Ticket no. 607-1132669217
    I made bording and I set in my seat on the airplen.
    I did’nt feel well and vomited.
    The staff droped me down from the plane and I did’nt get any document. I went to your counter and asked to fly on the next flight, but I got aa negative answer .
    I ordersd a new flight from London to Mombai and new conection to Goa ,
    I have few qustions:
    1. Why the staff drop me out from the plane ? Their was no reason to do so.
    2.Why I did’nt get any document of this act?
    3.Why I refused to flight on the next flight?
    4.Why they did’ntorgenized an hotel to sleep in the airport?
    4.Do I lost my money ?
    Please contact me
    Thank you