24 hours in New Orleans

| September 11, 2015

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24 hours in New Orleans

24 hours in New Orleans


A lot can happen in 24 hours in New Orleans. The city is wild, and there’s something going on nearly every hour of the day. And while one should likely spend as much time in the city as they possibly can, there’s still a lot you can be cover in a day. This is our guide to seeing New Orleans in 24 hours.


Get breakfast at Stanley

You’ll need your energy if you’re planning on hitting New Orleans hard for the next 24 hours. The best place to grab breakfast in the city might be Stanley. This place serves up high-class breakfasts with a New Orleans twist.  Here, you can grab eggs benedict with fried oysters, or a Bananas Foster French toast. And the best part, Stanley actually serves their amazing breakfast menu all day. So, it doesn’t matter how much you slept in after a night on the town.


Explore the French Quarter

During the day, the French Quarter is actually relatively quiet. This makes it a great time to wander around and photograph the old buildings, balconies, and characters on the streets. There’s also a lot street artists’ work worth seeing throughout this part of the city, not to mention fantastic street musicians you should stop and watch perform as well.


Get Lunch at Coop’s

Once your morning fill from Stanley has worn off, head to Coop’s. This spot is a local institution, and perhaps the most famous place in the city to get a jambalaya or gumbo. The lines might be a little bit long, but once you’re through the doors the vibe is awesome and the food is outstanding. The best part about Coop’s is the prices are beyond reasonable. Don’t tell management, but they could easily be charging double what they do.


Go on a Cemetery Tour

Obviously, there’s a lot of history in New Orleans. And, these days, a lot of that history is found buried in the cemetery. And beyond the usual history, a lot of the stories here revolve around voodoo and ghosts. So, don’t be surprised if the stories are a bit haunting. There are a number of tour providers that run tours, complete with guides, or you can go into St. Louis Cemetery on your own; if you dare.


Go for a Walk Down Bourbon Street

Once the sun goes down, grab a drink from one of the street-side bars and go for a wander down Bourbon Street. The atmosphere on here quickly goes from quirky to wild when the light goes down, and it’s fun to watch the transition. There’s usually a big band parade calling the night to a start, which is worth seeing as well. However, don’t get caught up in the glitz and fun of Bourbon Street. Though it’s a blast, the best party is on Frenchman’s Street.


Party on Frenchman’s Street

Now that you’re on Frenchman’s Street head to one of the many clubs and pubs offering live music. They’re abundant, so you won’t really have to look hard. However, Blue Moon is one of our personal favourites, as there’s always a great band on the stage. Unlike Bourbon Street which is tourist-heavy and can get quite messy, the vibe on Frenchman’s Street is much more local and the atmosphere much better. This is where your night should end, commencing your 24 hours in New Orleans.


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