Beginners Guide to Wine

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Who hasn’t been in this situation: You want to buy a nice bottle of wine for dinner, you are in front of the supermarket shelves, but simply don’t know which one to choose? There is no one to advise or no option to try before you buy, you’re somewhat stuck. You could of course just go by price, it’s fairly safe to get a well-made, decent bottle from £10 upwards (and then buy in the half price offer), but price is no guarantee you will like the wine.

Why not download our wine tasting guide and learn your Chablis from your Cabernet and impress your friends at your next dinner party?!


Click the image above to download the guide and don’t forget to tell us about your next wine tasting party! 😉

Who knows when you are a seasoned wine buff you may just want to have a trip to some of the world-famous vineyards in New Zealand, California, AustraliaSouth-Africa


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