Friday Fun: Where in the World – Celebrities

| October 14, 2011 | 3 Comments

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We here at Netflights love curling up with a film on a rainy afternoon. Whether it’s the scary-yet-funny adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean or the aww-inducing storyline of a rom-com (Love Actually, anyone?!) – there’s nothing better than a good film, a bowl of popcorn and a cushion to hide behind or someone to snuggle up to!

However, as more and more UK actors move to Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, it’s becoming harder and harder to work out where in the world the actors we see on screen are from! So, for today’s Friday Fun, we want you to work out where these actors and actresses are originally from – no cheating! We’ll put the correct answers up on Monday – good luck!

  1. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. 2. Orlando Bloom
  3. 3. Colin Farrell
  4. 4. Heath Ledger
  5. 5. Penelope Cruz
  6. 6. Ellen Page
  7. 7. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  8. 8. Isla Fisher (to clarify – where she was born!)


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  • Chris

    Colin Farrell, Ireland I believe… Heath Ledger – NZ?

  • Jesper

    1: austria
    2: no idea
    3: Ireland
    4: Australia
    5: Spain
    6,7,8: no idea

  • Rachael

    1. Austria
    2. England
    3. Ireland
    4. Australia
    5. Venezuela
    6. Canada
    7. Wales
    8. New Zealand