Top 10 Sunniest Holiday Destinations – calling all sun worshippers!

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We’re sure that one of your highest priorities when booking a holiday is often whether or not there’ll be guaranteed sun, especially for a summer break. Nobody relishes the disappointment of flying to a sunnier clime, only for the weather to be on the patchy side. With that firmly in mind, we’ve done all the research for you and come up with our recommendations for your Vitamin D fix and a glowing, golden tan (high factor lotion required).

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Like Las Vegas, Dubai is a city built within a desert and a modern oasis that brings together the tradition and mystery of the Middle East with the kind of opulence and technology that you’d expect to find in a major city in the Far East. Malls, beaches, spas, sports and more vie for your attention and you can stay in unbelievable hotels like Atlantis The Palm, Dar Al Masyaf, the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, and the Jumeirah Beach hotel.

Las Vegas, USA
Sin City itself enjoys temperatures of around 40°C in July and August thanks to being in the Mojave Desert, and can receive less than 5 inches of rain each year. For a real scorcher of an experience, head two hours west into the Death Valley National Park. Be prepared though, during summer it’s like being blasted by a hairdryer while under a solarium bed!

Brisbane, Australia
Australia as a whole is reputed to be the sunniest holiday country in the world, but Queensland in particular is known as the ‘Sunshine State’, with an average summer temperature of 30°C. Even in winter (or what we think of as our summer), the temperatures in Brisbane, the capital city, run around 15°C. That winter temperature is often what we’d experience during a British summer!

Bali, Indonesia
Lying just below the equator and possessing a tropical climate, Bali is a perfect place for lying on a beach and perfecting a golden tan. The dry season is May until September and temperatures hit a manageable 23 – 31°C throughout the summer days.

The Bahamas, Caribbean
This collection of islands basks in an average of 350 days of sunshine every year. The diving and fishing opportunities are unsurpassed and if that all sounds like a bit too much effort, the stunning beaches are ideal for becoming a part of the laid-back lifestyle.

The Maldives, Indian Ocean
The Maldives offers warmth all year round and plenty of sun. If you’re looking for a perfect paradise, this selection of Atolls fit the bill with white sand beaches, palm trees and blue, crystal clear lagoons in a consistent temp of around 30°C.

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
The popular Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheikh has a desert climate with dry seasons throughout the year. Summer temperatures in the shade range from 27 – 35°C, the sun is out for 13 hours per day and the Red Sea is pleasantly warm as well. Take a dive in it when the heat becomes too much.

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Mauritius has a generally sunny climate all year round, with their winter (May to October) being warm and dry. Beautiful beaches, the aquamarine ocean, the stunning coral reef and the vibrant greenery all combine to create a paradise for the discerning traveller.

Miami, USA
The Sunshine State of Florida lives up to its name, with Miami at its warmest during August although the driest summer month is July. Want to avoid the occasional thunderstorm altogether? You could always visit this stylish, striking city in winter when rainfall is at its minimum but the thermometer still registers an average high of around 20°C.

Barbados, The Caribbean
Barbados is 13° north of the equator with year-round temperatures from 27°C – 30°C. The trade winds make it a bit more bearable and showers can cool everyone down from time to time. Stay on the developed west coast and you’ll find the culture to be quite English due to the colonial past.

Phuket, Thailand
The Phuket locals prefer their homeland during the summer months of June to August when the weather is fine without being too humid. Temperatures hover between 20 – 33°C, plus everything costs a little less compared to the spring-time which is the peak for the area.

There are plenty of other scorching locations across the globe that we haven’t mentioned, but we wouldn’t be giving the best of travel advice if we directed you towards somewhere like Chile’s Atacama Desert (said to be the world’s driest) or the trade city of Al ’Aziziyah in north-western Libya!

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    I went to Miami in October and the weather was perfect, hot but not to the point where you could not go out in it. Def stay in south beach if you are going to Miami, I wouldn’t bother with downtown.