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| July 1, 2011 | 9 Comments

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As a bit of Friday fun, we here at Netflights have devised a quick game to start off the weekend. Take a look at the pictures below – each is of an exciting destination that we currently love. See if you can figure out where in the world each photo was taken, with bonus points if you’ve been there yourself…  Each photo is numbered, so label each answer with the corresponding photo number and leave your answers in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Even if you know one answer but not the others – have a go – it might help other players out! If you’re finding it too tricky, check back this afternoon when we’ll add some extra hints – and good luck!

Answers –

[mappress mapid=”5″]






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  • Cwebster

    Ok here goes……1. ? 2. Hong Kong 3. ? 4. San Dieago 5. Australia Catkins x

  • Dwards

    4. = The Shore, Leith (and I’ve been – count the points!)

  • G whiteside

    1. San Francisco 2. HK 3. Thailand 4.Miami 5. Australia

  • 1. San Francisco 2. Hong kong 3. thailand 4.miami 5.Australia

  • Ben Gray

    1. New York 2. Tokyo 3.Tailand 4. Miami .5 Australia

  • Greg machin

    1. New Orleans 2. Tokyo 3. Thailand 4. Tampa 5. Oz

  • Laetitiadrexler

    1. New Orlean
    2. Beijin
    3. Thailand
    4. LA
    5. New Zealand

  • JHarbers

    1. Toronto 2.Singapore 3. Bangkok 4.Miami 5.Perth

  • Douglas Holmes

    Hmm… 1. Vancouver 2. Hong Kong 3. Thailand 4. Miami 5. Australia